What’s in the future of the BETA P3NC1L app?


As young as the P3NC1L BETA app is, I have witnessed a surprising amount of improvement.

A few months back, I as a developer would have NEVER predicted the changes to be made.

Given the astonishing rate of improvement, what else can come to this piece?

I have a personal, short-term queue of additional features, but the state of the app fuzzes when considering long-term conditions.

From what I currently am capable of doing, I have thrown together a short list of changes that may come true.

1. More Characters
    Yes, I understand that the project is not a game, but the minigame coding fascinates me. Expect to see other P3NC1L staff integrated quite soon.

2. Better Controls
    Once again, this focuses on the game. Already I am experimenting with accelerometer orientation sensors. However, it is more likely to receive focused-button controls (sliding image sprites rather than “hopping”).

3. App-To-App Communication 
    Although unclear on the methods how I will accomplish this, I have plans to enable individual devices to communicate directly. Some considerations include NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

4. App-To-Server Communication
    Albeit slow, a third official P3NC1L website development is well under way. However, when this site is eventually up and running, I may enable data exchange from devices to our (future) database. In doing this, I will be able see who is visiting from where. My hopes of gaining this information is NOT for gain (read our privacy policy for more details). ALSO, enabling server communication would allow people to share high scores, chat, and even play against each other.

5. Video Tools
    P3NC1L is all about videos. We want our audience to take part in the joy. How can this happen? Already, a download link to Android Movie Studio is included, but the file is corrupted and desperately needs to be replaced. Two possibilities exist in crafting videos for users. (1) The link can be fixed, and an activity procedure can verify if the downloaded app installed and launch it. (2) A homemade video editor can be made. The latter option seems difficult, but a more feasible solution. All in all, P3NC1L will do what it can to assist its viewers in experimenting with digital media.

Many more updates are inevitable, although most consist of icon reconfiguration.

Please consider downloading this free app! As an amateur developer, I cannot devote my entire life to this work in progress (I have a life, too, you know!). You can get the app here. Please give it five stars, if you don’t happen to mind.

Thanks! God bless!

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