Update! 10/29/13

Film Club Details


We made some serious progress in film club today.

Geniuses ending    Finally! The picture featured in this post is the most recent sketch of the plot line for the movie. The movie will be modeled like a Shakespearean tragedy. Great job, Ben, Jack, and David!

2014 Young Filmmakers’ Competition    We will be entering this competition in hopes of winning the $500 prize.

P3N    Ethan is working on a beautifully detailed script for the horror film to be titled P3N. I read the piece and was certainly impressed. P3NC1L can’t wait to work on this piece, Ethan. Keep up the good work!

Geniuses title    Geniuses is the project name. The official name will be determined after completion.

Lightning     Day 457… The lightning remains unfinished…

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