Stuff is happening!


By thoroughly examining the intro, we noticed a clip of AARON GETTING SHOT IN THE FACE. We suspect this shot will be used in the upcoming “Homework Assignment” film.

We are actually doing things

We are making progress! Here is a list of things currently going on:

1. Bennett’s Awkward Attempts ep. 2 has been uploaded. You can watch it in the embedded player on this post.

2. “The Homework Assignment” (as rumored; official title TBD) has been successfully filmed. It is now undergoing editing.

EDIT: Video published!

3. A surplus of P3NC1L Play videos is growing. The intro to Play is undergoing editing. David is really having fun with filming.

EDIT: First video on Play released!

4. New intro! We patched up the standard intro and used the new one in BAA ep. 2.

5. New art! The official graphic designer, Aaron Jordan, is working on major projects which include designs for a flag and an awesome lightning piece.

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