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On January 8, 2012, Daniel Williams and Bennett Meares together initiated a YouTube channel under the name P3NC1Lproductions. Upon connecting to a Google+ account, the name was reformatted to P3NC1L Productions. After a year in operation, Bennett Meares began work on an Android application for the company, and from these efforts arose the P3NC1L web app and beta Android app.

In April of 2013, Bennett Meares introduced David Gleaton into the company. He is first featured in the video Emag Eht. Around this time, Aaron Jordan, the Gangster of Love, was accepted into the company as the official graphic designer.

A few months after, in August and September of 2013, P3NC1L Productions grew to incorporate new members such as Jack McDonald, Ethan Sternke, Ben Hewes, Jonathan Casselman, Ben Epstein, Jacob Fair, and Justin McCabe.


P3NC1L Productions is a multimedia company mainly focused on producing cinematic material.


As of September 2013, these are the jobs of members of P3NC1L Productions:

David – Play manager

Aaron – Graphic designer, potential Android enthusiast, Ubuntu enthusiast

Ethan – Scripter, co-director, marketing (public relations)

Jonathan – Technical finances

Ben – Asian

Jacob – Freeloader

Daniel – Cofounder, co-director, Apple enthusiast, musical director

Bennett – P3NC1L manager, editor, internet formatting, Android enthusiast

Jack – Comic relief

Ben Epstein – Music composer


These are the 10 Commandments of P3NC1L.

1. You do not talk about P3NC1L.

2. You DO NOT talk about P3NC1L.

3. Do not laugh too much while filming.

4. No uploading without my consent.

5. No fowl language.

6. No foul language either.

7. Do not include anything you would not show your grandmother.

8. Do not associate P3NC1L with ANYTHING without unanimous approval.

9. Just for David: Do not comment while logged into P3NC1L. Remember to log out.

10. Stay positive (I just included this for irony because the other rules are negative).



Higgley is a suicidal robotic hippo programmed to bless her father figure, Daniel Williams.


A Hippo’s Empty Origins

Frustrated by his lack of sneeze-blessings, Daniel creates Higgley to bless him and him only. When bringing Higgley into public, she overloads when subjected to the massive confusion of a crowd sneezing. Daniel overreacts, disowns Higgley, sneezed blood all over a door, and dies.

Death Without Life

Higgley searches for meaning in life. Unable to find any and overwhelmed by depression, she attempts to kill herself. She fails.

Bro Time

During bro time, exhaustion settles onto members in a manner similar to intoxication and the feeling of being stoned. Members spill their life stories, troubles, and miscellaneous personal matters. Other activities include improv story-telling where David either meets a hobo, explains how an elevator operates, or transforms into fecal matter.

It is scientifically proven that time slows down during bro time.



P3NC1L Productions is largely based on YouTube for means of distributing media.

         Main Channel

         Since January 2012, P3NC1L Productions has been uploading cinematic material to the main channel, P3NC1L Productions. Bennett Meares is the main channel manager.

         Gaming Channel

         Initiated September 2013, P3NC1L Play is the orbital channel of P3NC1L Productions. David Gleaton is the Play manager.

Google Play

P3NC1L Productions has a number of Android apps published on the Google Play Store.

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