New Year, New Video

Why we went quiet for the end of 2016

So we went on hiatus at the end of 2016. Sadly, the one-video-per-month streak ended with Rest Without Peace being the last major project of the year (we technically made more videos but nothing on our regular scale).

I came home from college and am taking a semester off, so I’ll be home to help make more videos. To start the year off right, we kicked off 2017 with a video we filmed in December: Dangerous Transcation.

Plans for the Future

We are planning larger scale production and more frequent uploads. Right now, we are preparing our next video which, don’t let out this secret, will be thematically similar to Rest Without Peace. It’s not directly an 80s parody but is definitely influenced by 80s cinema. As for now, enjoy our first video of the new year and check back to see what we come up with!

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