New internet things!

Google+ and YouTube links

FINALLY! Inscribe’s YouTube channel is labelled properly. The old YouTube link was, which, in all honesty, is tacky. It still works, but I wince whenever I have to share it with someone. Now, at long last, the new URL is Also, the Google+ page has been spiffed up. The old link was, which was a nightmare to share. It still works, though the new URL is

Voat. Anyone?

During the second Great Reddit Migration, Inscribe hopped on the bandwagon and made a subverse on! Essentially, the Inscribe subverse is a clone of the subreddit. For example, here is the subverse and here is the subreddit. If you’re into Voat, we have a presence there (technically).

Daily Snapshots

In order to raise awareness of #Inscribe, I’m posting a still from Inscribe videos each day. Expect to see these posts on Twitter and Google+.

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