Meeting Details

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For those who missed out on details, here is what we discussed.

David – Play manager
Aaron – Graphic designer, potential Android enthusiast, Ubuntu enthusiast
Ethan – Scripter, co-director, marketing (public relations)
Jonathan – Technical finances
Ben – Asian
Jacob – Freeloader
Daniel – Cofounder, co-director, Apple enthusiast, musicall director
Bennett – P3NC1L manager, editor, internet formatting, Android enthusiast
Jack – Comic relief

1. You do not talk about P3NC1L.
2. You DO NOT talk about P3NC1L.
3. Do not laugh too much while filming.
4. No uploading without my consent.
5. No fowl language.
6. No foul language either.
7. Do not include anything you would not show your grandmother.
8. Do not associate P3NC1L with ANYTHING without unanimous approval.
9. Just for David: Do not comment while logged into P3NC1L. Remember to log out.
10. Stay positive (I just included this for irony because the other rules are negative).

No official groups were organized. We simply agreed to play games in small groups and big games together as a whole (cards, board games).

We will be filming a NEW VIDEO on Friday, September 13 and Saturday, September 14. Please show up at Bennett’s place around 6:00 PM Friday and 9:00 AM Saturday if you can make it.

We voted to kill Higgley via a hitman (Daniel) hired by the Rhino (unnamed), Higgley’s depressed lover. A date will be decided for filming. Filming may commence on the same weekend, time willing.

We took pictures for the intro. If you were absent, take a selfie of you facing the light and the camera and send it to me.

That concludes the discussion of our meeting. If you have any questions, feel free to text me.

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