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​Shattered Vow

Shattered Vow was huge — there’s no arguing that it wasn’t. The project started with only a few people, but as production moved forward, our team grew larger and larger. By the premiere, we had tripled in size and reached new heights.

For most of the team, Shattered Vow was the first taste of Film Club. However, Shattered Vow was the exception, not the rule. It’s important to know the history of Film Club and our video-making process.

Film Club History

Film Club is where we make videos with friends, and with each video, we explore something new. Whether that purpose is a film genre, a production technique, special effects, or to just have fun — each video taught us something.

We originally held ourselves to a quota of a least one video per month. This kept us on our toes, prevented videos from going stale, allowed everyone to see their ideas made into videos, and established our presence as a club. Below is a brief synopsis of the typical three-week Film Club process:

  • WEEK 1: Decide on an idea during the meeting. Someone adopts the idea (becomes the “owner” of the script) and agrees to write a script before the next meeting.
  • WEEK 2: The Script Writer presents the script, we all discuss it and set a day to film it.
  • FILMING DAY: We meet at the agreed location and film the video.

Sometimes projects require more than two weeks of preparation, however this is usually enough time for a regular video.


An infographic of the production process I had made for the original Film Club.

Types of Videos

Not all videos require the same amount of preparation, and for all of Film Club’s history there have been two types of videos: Silly Short Skits and More Serious Shorts.

Short Skits

These are videos that generally take one day to write and one day to produce. Their relatively fast production time allows us to explore more ideas. You can watch the Silly Short Skits playlist here.

More Serious Shorts

These videos have historically been our most demanding videos. Essentially any video that requires more than one day of preparation and production is a more serious short. You can watch the More Serious Shorts playlist here.

Rest Without Peace was our biggest endeavor before Shattered Vow, requiring two weeks of pre-production, two days of filming, and over 30 hours of editing.

Major Productions

With Shattered Vow we created a third tier of videos, Major Productions. Never before has Film Club had so much creative firepower, and we’ve proven that we can make something great if we stick to it.

Although major productions have immense payoff, they require immense time and resources, and can potentially drag the club down if things don’t work out as planned.

Moving Forward

Shattered Vow taught us a lot, and now it’s time for us to get back to our roots. Below are the guidelines for Clemson Film Club moving forward:

  • One Major Production per semester
  • One video per month (when not working on a Major Production)
  • We are returning to the classic Film Club process (see above in this post)
  • Alone on the Canvas is being condensed into a More Serious Short and will not be submitted to NBC

I love the momentum and progress we have with Alone on the Canvas. In order to keep the club from burning out, the story is being condensed into a serious short, and we are lightening our workload so we can focus on future projects.

Film Club has always been about exploring everyone’s filmmaking ideas, and it is not a business. The turnout and support for Shattered Vow was immense, however we are students with lives to live, and I can’t ask you to sacrifice your weekends to produce another masterpiece. Rather than focusing on the ideas of a few for an entire semester, we are open to producing the ideas of all of our members.

Below is a document called The Film Club Bible, which I wrote for the Waccamaw Film Club when I graduated. Although it is a bit dated, it contains lessons I learned during Film Club’s infancy. I highly recommend you read it.

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