Flim Divorce, New channel, and more

Divorce of Flim Cub and Inscribe

I founded the Waccamaw Film Club (AKA Flim Cub) in August 2013 to create more opportunities for making videos for Inscribe (P3NC1L at the time). Over three years, the club grew and new faces made it onto Inscribe, and the differences between Inscribe and Flim Cub were indistinguishable. Together, Inscribe and Flim Cub produced regular content and garnered local attention, even to the point that Inscribe became a familiar name in the school halls.

But alas, this relationship was doomed from the start. Inscribe and Flim Cub had become so intertwined, viewers could not tell the difference between videos made in the name of the school or private filmmaking. When I was choosing which Film Club video to show at the talent show in February, the faculty adviser noticed that nearly all of our recent videos in some way included violence, notably gun use. While this is common behavior for an Inscribe video, it certainly was not warranted for content that represented the school.

Rather than censoring the content, I decided the best course of action was to begin the separation of Inscribe from Film Club early. Inscribe is still heavily involved in the club, but videos made to represent the school must be uploaded on the new Waccamaw Film Club channel.

Secondary Sister Channel (gaming, vlogs, you name it)


We had been preparing for making a second channel, and we finally decided to to start it up under the name Inscribble. Given that Inscribe sounds super serious and uses fewer syllables than Inscribble and that Inscribble sounds sillier and more relaxed, we felt the name was appropriate.

Anyway, our goal is to upload weekly to this channel. I likely won’t edit often since I don’t game much; however, I do enjoy the occasional Smash tournament here and there.

If you’re interested in learning more about us, consider subscribing to Inscribe’s sister channel Inscribble. Our goal is to begin uploading by May.

Vault Additions

The first video made specifically for the new channel was recently cancelled and instead sent to the realm of misfit videos. In fact, not one but three videos were sent to the grave. I’m not linking the disregarded content in this post, but you can find on our home page a link our trashed videos in the Vault.

SC Young Filmmakers

Sadly, we did not make it into the top ten finalists for the SC Young Filmmakers competition. As for why we didn’t make it—I don’t know. I emailed the staff and heard back that they are sending out detailed rubrics in respect to applicants’ submissions. We heard nothing for 2014 and 2015, so maybe this feedback will improve the future Film Club’s chances of winning.

Super Secret Video Progress

So maybe we’re not being very secretive about this upcoming video. Still, we’re not releasing much information about its contents, though from this tweet (also embedded in this post), you can probably already tell what it’s going to be about.

The news is that editing is cruising along nicely and that you can expect the final video uploaded sometime mid-May.

Inscribe’s Future

We can only be confident in upholding the one-video-per-month policy until August, Most of the crew is leaving for college, myself included. If Inscribble prevails (unlike the train wreck that was P3NC1L Play), then we’ll try to maintain a consistent online presence, even being miles apart. The potential good news is that perhaps new people could join.

This year, we welcomed Houston and Jakub onto the team. Who knows who we’ll meet in 2017?

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