First Film Club Meeting


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome to P3NC1L, Christine Humowitz!

We began outlining the plot of Geniuses. Aaron, David, Christine, and Bennett contributed the entirety of today’s progress towards the movie.

Christine: your homework is to watch at least ONE P3NC1L video.

A link is provided to download the .docx for the outline as of 9/24/13. For those of you too lazy to download it, I have posted the progress below (disregard errors; it was a slack meeting).

File Size: 15 kb
File Type: docx

Download File

Outline – 9/24/13

Introduction of characters- first five minutes

Aaron had a bad day. (Bad grades, dumped, broken iphone)

Aaron takes David to apple store

Daniel is on first day at apple store.

Daniel shows Aaron around and Daniel knocks over a macbook, that shatters.

Aaron gets blamed for it.

(David gets bribed to blame Aaron)

Aaron is furious!! Gives Daniel a bloody nose

Aaron gets arrested.

Christine pays Aaron’s bail.

Aaron goes and finds David.

David puts his hand on Aaron’s shoulder and says: “I forgive you.”

Aaron looks at David and angrily stares at him for a bit.


Friends reunited.

Christine wants the money for Aaron’s bail back, he steals David’s money.

Daniel steals Aaron’s iPhone and posts things to facebook “#JungleFever” with a link to an Ethiopian dating site

Also, Daniel posts a horrible selfie Christine sent to Aaron – She gets mad

Christine madly knocks on Aaron’s door, it erupts into a fight

As Aaron loses consciousness, his voice trails off

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