2015 in Review

Reborn like a Phoenix

Last December, we announced we would finally lay the name P3NC1L to rest and adopt a new name. On January 8, 2015, P3NC1L Productions formally became Inscribe Productions through a process called Operation Take Two, or as Aaron called it, the New Reel. We announced our decision to change the name December 28, 2014 to build up excitement, and on January 8, 2015 (technically late at night January 7), we made the big announcement.

Since January 8, we set out to make 2015 the first year with at least one video per month. In 2015 alone, we uploaded 19 separate Inscribe-branded videos (17 if you count the BOX series as one). Counting unlisted videos (behind the scenes and hidden content), the sum is 24 videos.

Branching Out

inscribe productions

This year, we adopted new internet things. We got the cluster up and running full time, added a subreddit, subverse, Facebook page, Patreon page, Google+ page, and Instagram account. We moved on from a free domain and reserved inscribeproductions.com as well as inscribe.cf. We also added a minecraft server at inscribe.cf, but that’s not really relevant.

Also, we added the Fairly Shilly app, which is similar to the OOOH! app.

New Face

Upon taking the name Inscribe, we needed a new face for the company. Our graphic designer Aaron Jordan cooked up a new logo which took the familiarity of the old P3NC1L logo but captured the fresh new face of Inscribe. Also, the new logo abides by Google’s material design guidelines!


in 2014, P3NC1L celebrated earning its 100th subscriber. In 2015, Inscribe reached 150 subscribers. Our goal is to reach 250 subscribers before August 2016. Also, in 2015, Inscribe passed a total of over 9000 video views. Not too large, but hey we did that.

Future of Inscribe

Sadly, Inscribe can’t last forever. This is my senior year, so once I leave home, I won’t be able to make videos as often. Perhaps I could stockpile videos and leak them once a month, but that takes away the fun of making videos. 2016 will likely not see one video per month. I am just grateful to have managed to release one video per month in 2015, even though we cut it close at some points.

As for what solid plans exist, we are working on a final entry in the SC Young Filmmakers competition. Also, the notion of producing a Streiffert video (similar to the Kibler video) has been suggested, and if that idea comes to life, filming will take place mid-May 2016.

It’s been a good year. I agree that 2015 started rougher than how 2014 ended, we still managed to survive. I suspect that the next marathon and channel trailer will surpass the 2015 marathon and trailer. If anyone ends up reading this, thanks for joining the rest of the inscribbles for the ride.


Edit: here is the link the scavenger hunt

October 06th, 2015

Serious Progress!

As of writing this post, the Inscribe Cluster has doubled in size. We now have 20 nodes in commission, and there are 19 more waiting for hard drives.

Want to see the cluster in action? Because the client node broadcasts on port 8000 on the same local IP as my home server, anyone can access current jobs. To see the cluster in progress, go to http://cluster.inscribeproductions.com:8000 (or http://inscribe.cf:8000)

Note: Because this is a huge security risk, I will be disabling monitoring during crucial jobs.

Shazam Tourney is Here

The Shazam Tournament, filmed August 18, was finally released today in the final hours of September. During the event, Daniel Williams wowed onlookers by scoring 115 points, whereas Aaron Jordan certainly showed formidable performance, scoring 60.5 points.

​Throughout the contest, Jordan named a surprising number albums, though Williams scored plenty of triples. On numerous instances, Williams would name a portion of the information, and  Jordan would pick up what Williams could not recall.

​Overall, it was an impressive match, and both contestants received a free T-shirt (which can be purchased here).

The Spotify embed doesn’t seem to work very well, but you can scroll through and see what songs were used. Here is a a link to the Tourney playlist on Spotify.

moar internet!


I did it. I finally bought a domain. inscribeproductions.com is much more appealing than the .weebly domain.

Why did I buy a domain? Aside from professionalism, I’ve been eager for some time to buy a domain to connect to the Inscribe cluster. Right now, the normal domain points to Weebly, but a few subdomains point to my home server. For example, the cluster subdomain points to where users will be able to send jobs to the cluster (here’s a secret between you and me; taco.html exists).

The Pub is finally Public

Now, all Inscribe viewers can access public Inscribe files on the Inscribe FTP server. It’s not really designed for public display; it’s really more for storage. Anyway, to access the server, follow these steps:

1. Go to ftp://ftp.inscribeproductions.com
2. Log in with username “public” (without quotes)
3. Leave password blank

That’s all there is to it. Download away!



/uj   seriously, we have better stuff now. Buy it. pls

Cluster is in service!


The Inscribe Render Cluster was commissioned during summer 2014. However, at long last, the cluster can render full video animations. Why a cluster? Well, we can now render video at ten times the speed of a normal PC.

Below are the first rendered files produced from the cluster.

The Mystical Goose

Mystical BMW

The Mystical Lamp (v1)

The Mystical Lamp (v2)

Another July update!

Film Club Meeting

Film club is meeting later today at the Waccamaw Library at 11:00 AM. I will update this later about the events of the meeting.

Is this really the July video? Come on.

No, silly, this isn’t the only July video. We celebrated Independence Day and decided to film it. Expect a new video soon.

What is the true first P3NC1L video?

I sent this message to Daniel (co-founder of P3NC1L [Inscribe]).

For months now, I’ve been struggling to remember which is older: Spy Academy or In the Pocket. Finally, after thorough investigation, I’ve deduced that filming for In the Pocket began around ‎Monday, ‎January ‎2, ‎2012, ‏‎7:51:42 PM, whereas filming for Spy Academy began around Sunday, January 8, 2012, ‏‎3:09:50 PM.

I would like to bring to your attention that the timestamp metadata for Spy Academy is corrupted in some manner. For example, I noticed when I originally edited the piece that I was missing a substantial amount of footage (the scene explaining the clones). Unusually, the footage before that scene is timestamped for Monday, ‎January ‎2, ‎2012, and the footage after what’s missing is marked for Sunday, January 8, 2012. I clearly remember filming the entire video in one day.

After consideration, I’ve deduced that we filmed In the Pocket on January 2 and I edited it in the following days. Although, what else is unusual is that the In the Pocket soundtrack was created Sunday, ‎January ‎8, ‎2012, ‏‎8:02:53 PM. This is especially unusual given that filming took place on ‏‎January 2, 2012. I could not locate the instrumental MusicLab version.

After some more digging, I found the lyrics to Playground Swag. The .docx was created on Monday, ‎January ‎2, ‎2012, ‏‎1:20:30 PM, further suggesting that we hung out all day on January 2. The two prevailing theories are this:

A. We hung out all day January 2, filming Spy Academy from 3:09:50 PM to ‏‎6:22:34 PM. Then, several hours after killing the camera battery (I do recall its battery had died), we filmed In the Pocket on my DroidX at 7:51:42 PM. What confuses me about this theory is that we wrote the lyrics to two music videos and then filmed a different video altogether. This leads me to believe another theory.

B. We hung out January 2, dreaming about making videos. We shot In the Pocket at 7:51:42 PM, and I stayed up all night editing it (either that night or a few days later). Then, we met again on January 8, watched the video, fantasized about becoming big on YouTube, create P3NC1L, and ran off to film Spy Academy.

What do you remember? There is so much to learn.

New internet things!

Google+ and YouTube links

FINALLY! Inscribe’s YouTube channel is labelled properly. The old YouTube link was https://youtube.com/user/P3NC1Lproductions, which, in all honesty, is tacky. It still works, but I wince whenever I have to share it with someone. Now, at long last, the new URL is https://youtube.com/c/InscribePro. Also, the Google+ page has been spiffed up. The old link was https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/110605135427020196382/110605135427020196382, which was a nightmare to share. It still works, though the new URL is https://google.com/+InscribePro.

Voat. Anyone?

During the second Great Reddit Migration, Inscribe hopped on the bandwagon and made a subverse on Voat.co! Essentially, the Inscribe subverse is a clone of the subreddit. For example, here is the subverse and here is the subreddit. If you’re into Voat, we have a presence there (technically).

Daily Snapshots

In order to raise awareness of #Inscribe, I’m posting a still from Inscribe videos each day. Expect to see these posts on Twitter and Google+.

Summer plans

We are busy, we promise

It’s been a busy summer. We missed the chance to film a video for June. However, we still kept to the one-video-per-month rule. This month’s video (June 2015) is a supercut of all the painful shots from May 2012 to May 2015. Expect to see videos for July and August. 2015 may be the first year to have an Inscribe video for every month!

Film Club Showing

May 8 at the Waccamaw High School auditorium. Please let me know if you’ll be there by texting (843) 957-8366 or emailing bennett.meares@gmail.com.

    Will you be able to attend the May 8 Film Club showing?

Spring break, auditorium showing, new video ideas


This spring break, flim cub cooked up some new stuff. Due to a reduced writing team, we didn’t have any scripts ready, and when filming day came around (Thurs, April 9), we were in a pickle (this is foreshadowing!).

In desperation, we called up a friend who may have been under the influence of drugs. He suggested showing a box in a field next to a giant baby. Inspired by his suggestion, flim cub produced BOX, a mini series consisting of <1 minute episodes. Now we can easily meet our 1 video per month quota.

As of the time of writing this post, the first three episodes are out! The first episode is embedded in this post, and annotations linking to successive episodes are present.

Auditorium – May 8, 2015

Add this to your calendar! Film Club is showing and discussing its content publicly on May 8, 2015 in the Waccamaw Auditorium from 3:10 PM to 5:00 PM. NOTE: This is the day of the APUSH exam. Please don’t forget to come back to school for the showing.

Also, for auditorium techs, this is the day after the Aladdin dress rehearsal, FYI.

There may be a private showing at the Burger Stop on May 15, but this is not yet official. The auditorium date, however, is set in stone.

Video Ideas

These ideas will be discussed in Film Club.

Idea 1 – Pens
Idea 2 – Pickles