Campus Movie Fest 2019

Another Great Year!

This year’s production was a blast to make. Everyone rallied behind the effort, and production went extremely smoothly. There were obstacles to overcome; for example, on launch day of production week, I came down with the flu. However the Film Club persisted, and I was back in action that Friday.

Our directors for this project, Ashley Wilson and Savannah Gambrell, did an excellent job. They were tremendously organized and very pleasant to work with. As such, we stayed on schedule and finished our filming in three days (originally planned four). The judges certainly took notice, because they awarded us the Silver Tripod for Best Directing! Although Silver Tripod winners are not guaranteed a screening at Terminus, it still is an incredible honor.

Special thanks to Lieutenant Gooch for helping us organize the police station scenes!

Future of Clemson Film Club

​Shattered Vow

Shattered Vow was huge — there’s no arguing that it wasn’t. The project started with only a few people, but as production moved forward, our team grew larger and larger. By the premiere, we had tripled in size and reached new heights.

For most of the team, Shattered Vow was the first taste of Film Club. However, Shattered Vow was the exception, not the rule. It’s important to know the history of Film Club and our video-making process.

Film Club History

Film Club is where we make videos with friends, and with each video, we explore something new. Whether that purpose is a film genre, a production technique, special effects, or to just have fun — each video taught us something.

We originally held ourselves to a quota of a least one video per month. This kept us on our toes, prevented videos from going stale, allowed everyone to see their ideas made into videos, and established our presence as a club. Below is a brief synopsis of the typical three-week Film Club process:

  • WEEK 1: Decide on an idea during the meeting. Someone adopts the idea (becomes the “owner” of the script) and agrees to write a script before the next meeting.
  • WEEK 2: The Script Writer presents the script, we all discuss it and set a day to film it.
  • FILMING DAY: We meet at the agreed location and film the video.

Sometimes projects require more than two weeks of preparation, however this is usually enough time for a regular video.


An infographic of the production process I had made for the original Film Club.

Types of Videos

Not all videos require the same amount of preparation, and for all of Film Club’s history there have been two types of videos: Silly Short Skits and More Serious Shorts.

Short Skits

These are videos that generally take one day to write and one day to produce. Their relatively fast production time allows us to explore more ideas. You can watch the Silly Short Skits playlist here.

More Serious Shorts

These videos have historically been our most demanding videos. Essentially any video that requires more than one day of preparation and production is a more serious short. You can watch the More Serious Shorts playlist here.

Rest Without Peace was our biggest endeavor before Shattered Vow, requiring two weeks of pre-production, two days of filming, and over 30 hours of editing.

Major Productions

With Shattered Vow we created a third tier of videos, Major Productions. Never before has Film Club had so much creative firepower, and we’ve proven that we can make something great if we stick to it.

Although major productions have immense payoff, they require immense time and resources, and can potentially drag the club down if things don’t work out as planned.

Moving Forward

Shattered Vow taught us a lot, and now it’s time for us to get back to our roots. Below are the guidelines for Clemson Film Club moving forward:

  • One Major Production per semester
  • One video per month (when not working on a Major Production)
  • We are returning to the classic Film Club process (see above in this post)
  • Alone on the Canvas is being condensed into a More Serious Short and will not be submitted to NBC

I love the momentum and progress we have with Alone on the Canvas. In order to keep the club from burning out, the story is being condensed into a serious short, and we are lightening our workload so we can focus on future projects.

Film Club has always been about exploring everyone’s filmmaking ideas, and it is not a business. The turnout and support for Shattered Vow was immense, however we are students with lives to live, and I can’t ask you to sacrifice your weekends to produce another masterpiece. Rather than focusing on the ideas of a few for an entire semester, we are open to producing the ideas of all of our members.

Below is a document called The Film Club Bible, which I wrote for the Waccamaw Film Club when I graduated. Although it is a bit dated, it contains lessons I learned during Film Club’s infancy. I highly recommend you read it.


Campus Movie Fest

We competed in Campus Movie Fest 2018 at Clemson, and boy did we have fun. CMF is a traveling film festival, and the rules were simple:
1. Videos must be shot and edited within one week.
2. Videos must be under 5 minutes.

If you’ve followed Inscribe history, then you might remember that we’ve entered several contests before this; four to be exact. We’ve never won anything or have been distinguished, and I admit it was a tad discouraging in the beginning. It’s been two years since we last competed, and I’ve gotten a ton of practice since then, so we felt confident this time around.

This year, 86 videos were submitted, and 576 people contributed. Out of the 86, only four can win a ‘Jury Award’ advance to the national competition. Last night was the premiere, and they were only showing 16 of the 86 films, which is about 18% of the submissions. I was extremely nervous and worried that our video wouldn’t make the cut and be shown at the premiere.

When we got there, we were pleased to see we had made the cut, and the video was shown in the top 16, somewhere in the middle of the videos. As time wore on and better and better films were screened, I began to accept that we didn’t place in the top four.

The awards portion of the ceremony arrived, and I was surprised to say the least. First we won Best Editing. As an editor, that alone was extremely flattering. Immediately after, the announced Jeff, our lead actor, had won Best Performance. I was so ecstatic that I could hardly breathe. Several minutes later, they announced the Jury Award winners, and about halfway through they mentioned US!! I was so taken aback and could not believe what had happened.

Let that sink in: Clemson Film Club, aka Inscribe Productions, a club which had only formed a few months ago, had just swept the competition. Most of our crew had no previous film experience, but everyone was so determined to make a good movie that we threw everything we had into making a real film.

One of the heads of Clemson’s Graphics Communications departments had told me that she had tried to find our club in January but was unable to and had no idea we existed. She was surprised to find out that we only officially became a club about a month ago!

I haven’t been updating this blog as much I should have, but this was too important not to document and share. I’ve had an absolute blast on this project, and I can’t wait for whatever comes next!

P.S. I know this reads like a sappy 80s family flick but bear with me, this is a big moment for me

You can watch our three-time award-winning short film, Shattered Vow below, as well as a timelapse I made of my 22-hour editing marathon.

ANOTHER Hiatus??

This time it’s a little more complicated

Unfortunately, Inscribe has had to take another brief hiatus. I’m in a place with limited internet access, so Inscribe will have to be idle for awhile. However Inscribe will be back at it this summer.

Thank you so much to all of our followers and subscribers! I’m really sorry that I had to drop off the face of the earth for several months—I really didn’t have a choice. I just want to say I love all of you who have stuck around to watch our content!

300 Subscribers, Patreon, and new videos!


It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating our 200-subscriber milestone. To celebrate, we shot a little vlog in which we talk about surpassing 300 subscribers, the failed film shoot for the day, and thank our first patron on Patreon!

We have a Patreon???

We sure do! We never really used it, but since hitting 300 subscribers, we now have our very first patron. Special thanks to Sound Board (Mark) for supporting our work!

That being said, please check out our Patreon and consider supporting us! You can get access to exclusive rewards like special status on our Discord server and a signed T-shirt.

New videos!

We released two videos back-to-back this month! Check them out below and tell us what you think.

New Year, New Video

Why we went quiet for the end of 2016

So we went on hiatus at the end of 2016. Sadly, the one-video-per-month streak ended with Rest Without Peace being the last major project of the year (we technically made more videos but nothing on our regular scale).

I came home from college and am taking a semester off, so I’ll be home to help make more videos. To start the year off right, we kicked off 2017 with a video we filmed in December: Dangerous Transcation.

Plans for the Future

We are planning larger scale production and more frequent uploads. Right now, we are preparing our next video which, don’t let out this secret, will be thematically similar to Rest Without Peace. It’s not directly an 80s parody but is definitely influenced by 80s cinema. As for now, enjoy our first video of the new year and check back to see what we come up with!

Times Are Changing


It finally happened, I’ve moved out and will be spending most of my time on campus at Clemson. Because the Inscribe crew has been split up, I can’t film anyone. I may have time to edit but nothing to edit, at least for Inscribe.

This means one of two things must happen:
1, Inscribe goes into a hiatus.
2. Inscribe adapts its content.

I’m torn between making videos I want to make and making the content that the subscribers are here for. I have been poking at the idea of allowing fandom content on Inscribe, but I’m still undecided. Either way, be prepared for change.

200 Subscribers

What better way to celebrate a hiatus than by hitting a milestone? Inscribe now has 200 subscribers. I really hope I don’t disappoint any of them.

Biggest video of 2016!

Sleep Trailer is finished

At long last, the foretold “sleep trailer” has been filmed, edited, and uploaded just in time for July 4. Published as “Rest Without Peace,” this month’s video parodies the cliché 80s action movie style. 

Hiatus Incoming

Be warned, your monthly dosage of Inscribe videos may halt briefly. Most of our members are leaving for different colleges, and unless we resort to some sort of animation, we won’t be able to regularly meet to produce content. August is the last month that we can confidently prepare for a video. I hope you understand the situation. We have managed to consistently provide monthly videos for 21 months as of July 2016, and although I’d love to watch that number grow, it will have to soon come to an end.

We are not going to stop making videos. However, people are coming and leaving, a lot of things are changing. We hope you continue to enjoy what we provide.

Flim Divorce, New channel, and more

Divorce of Flim Cub and Inscribe

I founded the Waccamaw Film Club (AKA Flim Cub) in August 2013 to create more opportunities for making videos for Inscribe (P3NC1L at the time). Over three years, the club grew and new faces made it onto Inscribe, and the differences between Inscribe and Flim Cub were indistinguishable. Together, Inscribe and Flim Cub produced regular content and garnered local attention, even to the point that Inscribe became a familiar name in the school halls.

But alas, this relationship was doomed from the start. Inscribe and Flim Cub had become so intertwined, viewers could not tell the difference between videos made in the name of the school or private filmmaking. When I was choosing which Film Club video to show at the talent show in February, the faculty adviser noticed that nearly all of our recent videos in some way included violence, notably gun use. While this is common behavior for an Inscribe video, it certainly was not warranted for content that represented the school.

Rather than censoring the content, I decided the best course of action was to begin the separation of Inscribe from Film Club early. Inscribe is still heavily involved in the club, but videos made to represent the school must be uploaded on the new Waccamaw Film Club channel.

Secondary Sister Channel (gaming, vlogs, you name it)


We had been preparing for making a second channel, and we finally decided to to start it up under the name Inscribble. Given that Inscribe sounds super serious and uses fewer syllables than Inscribble and that Inscribble sounds sillier and more relaxed, we felt the name was appropriate.

Anyway, our goal is to upload weekly to this channel. I likely won’t edit often since I don’t game much; however, I do enjoy the occasional Smash tournament here and there.

If you’re interested in learning more about us, consider subscribing to Inscribe’s sister channel Inscribble. Our goal is to begin uploading by May.

Vault Additions

The first video made specifically for the new channel was recently cancelled and instead sent to the realm of misfit videos. In fact, not one but three videos were sent to the grave. I’m not linking the disregarded content in this post, but you can find on our home page a link our trashed videos in the Vault.

SC Young Filmmakers

Sadly, we did not make it into the top ten finalists for the SC Young Filmmakers competition. As for why we didn’t make it—I don’t know. I emailed the staff and heard back that they are sending out detailed rubrics in respect to applicants’ submissions. We heard nothing for 2014 and 2015, so maybe this feedback will improve the future Film Club’s chances of winning.

Super Secret Video Progress

So maybe we’re not being very secretive about this upcoming video. Still, we’re not releasing much information about its contents, though from this tweet (also embedded in this post), you can probably already tell what it’s going to be about.

The news is that editing is cruising along nicely and that you can expect the final video uploaded sometime mid-May.

Inscribe’s Future

We can only be confident in upholding the one-video-per-month policy until August, Most of the crew is leaving for college, myself included. If Inscribble prevails (unlike the train wreck that was P3NC1L Play), then we’ll try to maintain a consistent online presence, even being miles apart. The potential good news is that perhaps new people could join.

This year, we welcomed Houston and Jakub onto the team. Who knows who we’ll meet in 2017?

Happy Birthday Inscribe!


We had a LOT of changes in 2015. The first notable change in 2016 was the executive choice to demote four videos to the Vault. Don’t worry, the favorite videos from 2012 like In the Pocket are still available. The four videos removed from YouTube were ones that Bennett made alone and thereby did not feel like Inscribe content.

Like always, removed content is still available for public access in the Inscribe Vault.



Like usual, we’re having our annual Inscribe marathon to celebrate another year of Inscribe. This may be our last year doing this, though I hope it’s not. All of Film Club is invited, and there will be a surprise incentive available to try to win (cough cough free t-shirt).

To celebrate four years of Inscribe, here is a new channel trailer.