Biggest video of 2016!

Sleep Trailer is finished

At long last, the foretold “sleep trailer” has been filmed, edited, and uploaded just in time for July 4. Published as “Rest Without Peace,” this month’s video parodies the cliché 80s action movie style. 

Hiatus Incoming

Be warned, your monthly dosage of Inscribe videos may halt briefly. Most of our members are leaving for different colleges, and unless we resort to some sort of animation, we won’t be able to regularly meet to produce content. August is the last month that we can confidently prepare for a video. I hope you understand the situation. We have managed to consistently provide monthly videos for 21 months as of July 2016, and although I’d love to watch that number grow, it will have to soon come to an end.

We are not going to stop making videos. However, people are coming and leaving, a lot of things are changing. We hope you continue to enjoy what we provide.

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