2015 in Review

Reborn like a Phoenix

Last December, we announced we would finally lay the name P3NC1L to rest and adopt a new name. On January 8, 2015, P3NC1L Productions formally became Inscribe Productions through a process called Operation Take Two, or as Aaron called it, the New Reel. We announced our decision to change the name December 28, 2014 to build up excitement, and on January 8, 2015 (technically late at night January 7), we made the big announcement.

Since January 8, we set out to make 2015 the first year with at least one video per month. In 2015 alone, we uploaded 19 separate Inscribe-branded videos (17 if you count the BOX series as one). Counting unlisted videos (behind the scenes and hidden content), the sum is 24 videos.

Branching Out

inscribe productions

This year, we adopted new internet things. We got the cluster up and running full time, added a subreddit, subverse, Facebook page, Patreon page, Google+ page, and Instagram account. We moved on from a free domain and reserved inscribeproductions.com as well as inscribe.cf. We also added a minecraft server at inscribe.cf, but that’s not really relevant.

Also, we added the Fairly Shilly app, which is similar to the OOOH! app.

New Face

Upon taking the name Inscribe, we needed a new face for the company. Our graphic designer Aaron Jordan cooked up a new logo which took the familiarity of the old P3NC1L logo but captured the fresh new face of Inscribe. Also, the new logo abides by Google’s material design guidelines!


in 2014, P3NC1L celebrated earning its 100th subscriber. In 2015, Inscribe reached 150 subscribers. Our goal is to reach 250 subscribers before August 2016. Also, in 2015, Inscribe passed a total of over 9000 video views. Not too large, but hey we did that.

Future of Inscribe

Sadly, Inscribe can’t last forever. This is my senior year, so once I leave home, I won’t be able to make videos as often. Perhaps I could stockpile videos and leak them once a month, but that takes away the fun of making videos. 2016 will likely not see one video per month. I am just grateful to have managed to release one video per month in 2015, even though we cut it close at some points.

As for what solid plans exist, we are working on a final entry in the SC Young Filmmakers competition. Also, the notion of producing a Streiffert video (similar to the Kibler video) has been suggested, and if that idea comes to life, filming will take place mid-May 2016.

It’s been a good year. I agree that 2015 started rougher than how 2014 ended, we still managed to survive. I suspect that the next marathon and channel trailer will surpass the 2015 marathon and trailer. If anyone ends up reading this, thanks for joining the rest of the inscribbles for the ride.


Edit: here is the link the scavenger hunt