moar internet!


I did it. I finally bought a domain. is much more appealing than the .weebly domain.

Why did I buy a domain? Aside from professionalism, I’ve been eager for some time to buy a domain to connect to the Inscribe cluster. Right now, the normal domain points to Weebly, but a few subdomains point to my home server. For example, the cluster subdomain points to where users will be able to send jobs to the cluster (here’s a secret between you and me; taco.html exists).

The Pub is finally Public

Now, all Inscribe viewers can access public Inscribe files on the Inscribe FTP server. It’s not really designed for public display; it’s really more for storage. Anyway, to access the server, follow these steps:

1. Go to
2. Log in with username “public” (without quotes)
3. Leave password blank

That’s all there is to it. Download away!



/uj   seriously, we have better stuff now. Buy it. pls

Cluster is in service!


The Inscribe Render Cluster was commissioned during summer 2014. However, at long last, the cluster can render full video animations. Why a cluster? Well, we can now render video at ten times the speed of a normal PC.

Below are the first rendered files produced from the cluster.

The Mystical Goose

Mystical BMW

The Mystical Lamp (v1)

The Mystical Lamp (v2)