The New Name!

Birthday Change

P3NC1L Productions was founded on January 8, 2012. Now, three years later, the company has been rebranded as Inscribe Productions. To celebrate this rebirth, a P3NC1L/Inscribe marathon will be held on January 9.

Operation Take Two

Job Assignments

Happy New Year! In order to successfully carry out Operation Take Two, people need to do their assigned jobs between 12:00 AM January 7, 2015 and 12:00 AM January 9, 2015. Bold blue text indicates the most urgent, imperative tasks.


  • Put the logo assets in the P3NC1L public folder (subfolder is Operation Take Two). ASAP
  • Convert the YouTube channel (ask me for password)
  • Convert the DeviantArt page


  • Convert the Twitter page
  • Convert the Google+ page (ask me for password)


  • Set up the new subreddit (/r/inscribe)


  • Take down P3NC1L Play


  • Convert the website
  • Take down apps on Google Play
  • Convert the Vault/Maze
  • Convert the shop

Aaron and Kenzie will have to work together due to Google+’s involvement in YouTube. The assets should be located here.


P3NC1L’s third birthday is January 8, 2015. To celebrate, a party will be held at 6:00 PM at Bennett’s house on January 9 (a Friday). Be prepared to sit in for a full-on P3NC1L marathon!