Back in action!

New video

First video of the second year of the Waccamaw Film Club!

Aaron took on the task of writing this script in May, and late August, he finished. Finally, the first of September, his creation is material! Almost reminds me of something else…

We’ll decide who writes the next video at the next Film Club meeting (Sep 2). Below are the members who’ve already written.

Authors of Scripts (Click “Read More” to view)

  • The Homework Assignment     

                  Ethan Sternke

  • Breaking Point     

                  Jack McDonald, Ben Epstein

  • Huntington Beach State Park     


  • What Time Is It?     

                  Jack McDonald

  • Peacocking     

                  Ben Epstein

  • Discovering Kibler     

                  Ben Epstein and others

  • Parents’ Permission     

                  Ben Epstein

  • Farewell     

                  Jack McDonald

  • A Real Joke     

                  Aaron Jordan