Farewell, Ben and Jack

Not forever

Pulpit rock

Jack and Ben are leaving this summer to attend the SC Governor’s School of Math and Science. That is, they won’t be around to help with the channel as often as before. To show P3NC1L’s appreciation of their involvement, we made the below video, Farewell.

P3NC1L’s Sherlock

Not much is to be said at this point, but this summer, P3NC1L is hoping to complete a major project depicting a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. Ben E will still be here for that. We’ve got him around a little longer—might as well make it last!


It’s happened: P3NC1L now has a Patreon page! Please, please, please be a patron for us! If you don’t know what Patreon is, don’t worry. Embedded in this post is a video explaining the site.

Anyway, here’s our Patreon page.