Update 4/23/14


So… We lost. *sigh* We had so much hope for winning!

All in all, we agreed that our submission kinda sucked. There wasn’t a story at all.

However! We learned valuable skills in film in real-world situations. Also, we took from this contest not to overly emphasize the following:
1. Nature
Judges apparently don’t appreciate Creation.
2. The park itself
Contrary to our interpretations, judges don’t like getting a free commercial.

To sum up this experience, we now know the proper approach to winning this particular competition. See you next year, SC state parks!

New Equipment

While watching our competition for the state park contest, we noticed one fellow overly used a jib. Looking at the results of the contest, the judges must have adored his jib usage. We then decided it was in our best interest to build a jib of our own.

As of 4/23/14, a first prototype of the jib functions but is not yet in operation. However, today (4/23) was the experimental day for a portion of the jib: the fig rig. Here’s a tweet of it in use.

New Videos

Today (4/23), we tested the fig rig in two different sketches. As of the time of this post’s authoring, one video is online. Below the video is embedded.