State Park Competition

And now we wait!

Our latest video featured the beauty of Huntington Beach State Park. The deadline to this contest was March 21.

This was our first contest, so we learned a few tricks in the process; next year’s submission will be insanely polished.

Listed are our competitors’ submissions. The links open in new tabs.

River Bluff HS
Get Wild” 0/10
Distractions Kill” 0.3/10
Go Wild” 0.4/10
No Wifi” 1/10
A Day at the Park” 1.1/10
A Trip Through The Wooded Glen” 3/10
Awake” 7/10

Mt. Pleasant HS EDIT: This is Mt. Pleasant, TX
Running for change” 2.5/10

Ridgeview HS
Go Wild!” 9/10

Untitled” 0/10
Once Upon a Chronicle” 0.000001/10
A Cure for Zombies” 2/10
Ultimate Internal Conflicts” 3/10
Operation Frozen Thunder” 4/10

Take a Break.” 4/10
Grandpa” 4.5/10
Old Faithful” 5/10
The Doortex” 5/10
Notes” 9/10

Last but definitely not least

Waccamaw HS
Huntington Beach State Park” 7.5/10

We could have done much better, BUT we seized this opportunity to spread our name. We are prepared for the next two years.