Two Years Old; Look How Far We’ve Come!

Pulpit rock

This video is “A Hippo’s Empty Origin,” the first video to use the Canon Rebel T3i and new Sony Stereo mic.
We’re two years old today! We’ve come so far in the past two years, and we have so much left to go! Below is a short list of the things we’ve managed to accomplish and our best videos in our two years.

This is P3NC1L’s 1 year celebration (last year).

5. “In the Pocket”

This was P3NC1L’s first video. Embarrassing to watch now, we were insanely proud. This “video high” would be chased for the next two years.

Click here to watch it!

Pulpit rock

4. “Death Without Life”

Pulpit rock

This was the first P3NC1L video to be edited on Adobe products (Premiere and After Effects). After fiddling a bit on personal projects with Magic Bullet Looks and Twixtor, I eagerly brought my new skills to P3NC1L.

Click here to watch it!

3. Complimentary Media


P3NC1L has grown in different ways! We now have both a native Android app and a web app (also native on Android).


Aaron FINALLY finished the lightning!

AND, we also switched over from a site on Webs to this one on Weebly!:D

2. “The Homework Assignment”

This is the first video to feature Ethan! He scripted the video, and, although we had to cut a few corners, the finished product was fantastic!

Click here to watch it!

Pulpit rock

1. Breaking Point (Project Geniuses)

Pulpit rock

The first thing to notice is that the title is italicized rather than in quotes. Breaking Point was P3NC1L’s first major short film. I got the idea in August 2013, pitched it to Aaron over some Sone Hibachi, and BOOM! It became a reality by the end of 2013.

Click here to watch the trailer!

Also, Film Club 1/7/14 Announcement

We will be competing in SC’s 2014 Young Filmmaker Competition. $500 prize, here we come!

We may be filming in Huntington State Park. A date will be established next meeting.

YES! News as of 12/31/13

Update – Changes

So much has changed! Here are some major updates:

1. The movie is now a short film.
    The story has been condensed into just over half an hour. This work is the perfect short film length, but it would disappoint
    if presented as feature-length.
2. The title has changed.
    The title became Breaking Point from project GeniusesYES, WE KNOW THERE ARE MOVIES WITH THIS TITLE. We 
    just felt it was appropriate for the film. Besides, great movies like Gravity had dumb titles.

Filming is done


This picture means success. Each X is a day of filming extinguished.

We are so thankful to CityMac and Barefoot Barista for allowing us to film and volunteering to act. Thank you!

Thanks to Mordi for allowing us to use some of his awesome music!

Editing is done

Our post production committee is WHOOPED. The amount of editing for this video was overwhelming, yet all is complete. The complete work totals about 35 minutes in length.

Not quite published

According to a previous agreement, the short film won’t be published until premiered at Barefoot Barista and (hopefully!) Waccamaw High School.

If you’re itching for a preview, the trailer has been published here (also embedded below). Enjoy!